I was 5 years old when I first touched clay and immediately fell in love. Clay is a very immediate and plastic medium that allows me to fully express my feelings and emotions. The clay absorbs and then reflects what is going on for me, as in most art; ceramics allows me to see how I am feeling. By combining texture, applied bumps, cut out windows and the graphic quality of sgraffito, I can turn ideas into forms that are a direct link to my inner landscape.

Sgraffito is a technique of carving through a black slip/glaze, revealing the clay underneath. I use either a very small loop tool which results in a very fine line or a larger tool, which gives me bold, wide lines. Since I am hand throwing porcelain, the lines appear white. Sgraffito is a great way to “draw” on clay.

I love to formulate new, textured glazes. My newest glaze is called Ice Flow, featuring a beautiful white, ice like pattern over black. This is a very popular glaze with collectors.

I am inspired by many cultures around the world: Cycladic, Japanese, Native American, Neolithic, Eastern European woman centered cultures, etc. I find comfort in the simplicity of this artwork; this leads me to create original, personal symbols in my work.

© 2007 All designs copyright, Eileen P. Goldenberg