Minimal art these days is rare, but I am driven to explore this direction. I am working in encaustic, an ancient and very cutting edge material. It is meticulous and time intense work, but worth the effect I can acheive.

I strive to express an emotional landscape, using my feelings to guide the progress. The deep red, magenta, vermilion and warm indian yellow, depict feelings, swirl, travel and energize the work.

My paintings explore material, color and space by combining ordered, repetitive elements(some pieces can have over 10,000 elements) with visual texture and translucency, simultaneously revealing and concealing.

The thousands of tiny orbs seem at first to be identical, but like humans, they are in fact, all distinct and individual. Look closely and you can see the razor sharp outlines that contrast with the soft blending of luminous subtle color. I slowly add layer upon layer of molten wax, submerging feelings that will later be revealed, giving them a life of their own.

© 2010 All designs copyright, Eileen P. Goldenberg