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If you love searching for home decor objects and small furnishing accessories with minimal lines, here is what suits you.

Today I bring you with me to discover the world of Ventis and Present Time, one of the many brands that you find at is e-commerce that houses numerous offers related to the home, food and wine, fashion, and much more. Browsing among the many suggestions in progress, you can select various products, which can be purchased at an affordable price for a limited period.

Here on Fillyourhomewithlove, we dedicate ourselves to one of the ongoing offers concerning the Present Time brand.

I have selected for you some home-style objects in a minimal style that lend themselves very well to being contextualized in a modern, contemporary but also industrial style location.

Minimal furniture perfect for embellishing the kitchen

Let’s start from the kitchen, in particular from dish drainer and fruit baskets.

The dish drainer is a handy object in the kitchen but sometimes not very helpful to the eye.

Present Time offers a refined and chic version, available in shades of matte black, copper or gold plated in the L36.5 x H29.5 x P23.5 cm version.

It’s an elegant way to leave dishes and glasses on sight.

By arranging them in this way, besides being functional, it furnishes the kitchen.

Have fun combining fruit baskets and ceramic vases, strictly matching the dish drainer.

Chandeliers and minimal furniture to decorate the walls of the dining room

What makes the dining area unique? In addition to the table and cupboards, the home decor objects we choose to embellish it.

Examples are the chairs, chandeliers, paintings, and other objects hanging on the walls that you see in the photo to come.

They are part of the selection of Present Time products that you can buy on Ventis, which you can quickly obtain with just a few clicks. Look at how the metal-effect chairs give an industrial touch, marrying perfectly with the floor and the color of the walls!

Living area: how to furnish it at its best with minimal accessories

Mirrors on the walls, clocks, and shelves contribute to making this minimum furniture special.

The TV cabinet, made of wood with white doors, makes the environment even warmer and more elegant.

Also note the coffee table with integrated magazine rack, always useful in the living area.

The shelf you see hanging on the wall is perfect not only for the living room but also for the double bedroom or the children’s bedroom.

Thanks to its three wooden shelves, it lends itself well to accommodate books or toys of all kinds.

Living room: how to furnish it with velvet sofas and armchairs

For those who like to combine minimal furniture with more important furnishing accessories, here is a proposal of stay that can do for you.

Recreating an environment dominated by more colors or materials is not easy.

It is essential to maintain a certain decorum so as not to distort the house and the dominant style.

In the case of the living room you see ahead, the tables with minimal lines have been combined with armchairs and sofas in a more classic style, embellished with velvet upholstery.

This material makes valuable every compliment that covers and gives the environment in which an incredible touch of elegance is inserted. To make it even more special, we think about the cushions and the carpet, chosen strictly in color.

Wall clock and illuminating floor lamps make this living area even warmer and more welcoming.

Home study area: how to embellish it with minimal furnishings

Recreating a study area in the home is not easy, mainly if this space must be obtained in the living room.

In this case, it will not merely be a matter of adding a mere worktop, but it will be a must to furnish and decorate the environment in line with the living area.

Space then for storage and shelves to hang on the walls, which will not only decorate the room, but will be useful for storing everything you need to work. Table lamps and floor lamps

cannot be missing, which will make the room well lit but at the same Time elegant.

As you can see, nothing must be left to chance.

If you love a minimal but at the same Time refined furniture, that mixes well with a classic but also industrial or contemporary style, the products of Present Time are what you are looking for!

Take a look at and take advantage of the current promotion.

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I’m talking about an exceptional place: the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai!

A fantastic hotel with only nineteen rooms.

An enchanting place for its position and for the interpretation of the spaces, which respect the original lines of the magnificent building that was in the thirties.

Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai: interpretation of a building used as an industry in the 1930s

The Waterhouse is the result of a perfect elaboration of a structure which, on the outside, has remained such.

The large in-door environments, on the other hand, have become nineteen rooms, a restaurant with French cuisine, a vast meeting room, and a rooftop bar.

The architects and designers of the Neri & Hu studio, one of the most renowned and vital in China, have tried to interpret the interior space in a functional and aesthetically convincing way.

The architects themselves called it a “huge concrete shell with a dozen stairs that led nowhere.”

Now it is an example of balance, of delicate enhancement of the original characteristics of the building, with stylistic tricks of extreme beauty.

The least common denominator of the furnishing of the rooms, although they are all different in size, design elements and position, is composed of oak floors and beds, concrete and glass bathrooms with colored reflection and white wall cabinets.

Where the ancient fabric of the building appears, on the walls, mirrors and metal pegs have been integrated, trying to keep the characteristics unaltered.

The exterior of the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai is intentionally kept as intact as possible

Inside the Neri & Hu design studio has elaborated the spaces with imagination, inserting bridges and choreographic platforms in the rooms.

The exterior, on the other hand, has intentionally remained identical to what it was.

The minimalist cleanliness of the door is pleasantly in contrast with the exterior. Entering such a place causes slight disorientation which, in my opinion, is the tastiest interpretation of this jewel on the Huangpu River.

The location: another plus of the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai

In addition to the beauty and modernity of the furnishings of this boutique hotel, we must point out another important feature in its favor: its location.

The hotel is located close to the river, with all the charm that the view of the Huangpu water mirror grants.

On the other side, the panorama turns on a section of ancient Shanghai, the Pudong skyline, which represents most of the characteristics and low architectural heritage of the city.

Restaurant, roof-bar, meeting room, irresistible furnishing details: traveling becomes an experience and, as architects and designers Neri & Hu say, a stay in this hotel turns into ” a conceptual fusion between ancient and contemporary.”

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I very much hope that the subject I will be discussing in the article may be interesting in your eyes and can excite you.

I have been exploring the whole ” kitchen ” universe with images and considerations. I wrote about styles, components, tips to furnish with taste … but always keeping an eye on practicality.

As I think you have guessed, styles for furnishing are often contaminated by similar ones.

The minimalist one or the urban one can have details that push towards the industrial style; the Provenсal one may contain details that come from shabby chic or vice versa.

The same is true for country style, perfect for home country furniture.

The rustic and country chic style has many features in common; however, the differentiating parameter for me concerns the way of approaching this way of furnishing. It refers to a domestic philosophy that makes the kitchen live in a simple, practical way, and there are objects that recall it clearly and precisely.

I have identified five. Do you want to add more?

1.Use of solid chestnut wood in country kitchens

This style is often synonymous with “informal” and warmth.

The main element can, therefore, only be solid chestnut wood, used to make almost all the furniture belonging to this mood.

I can’t imagine a country kitchen without wood as the protagonist.

2. The presence of the stove is decisive in an environment furnished in this style

If I had to imagine details that embellish a kitchen furnished in this style and of which I would never do without, I think of the old-style stove.

I see it used in all possible uses: from the oven to the hotplate … or simply to dispense that pleasant warmth that melts and warms body and soul. It is inevitable, for example, in country houses, but also in that purely country chic. To make it all unique, it is sufficient to cover the walls with bricks or faux masonry solutions.

3. Country kitchens and decorated sinks

Another detail that makes the difference for me is the sink.

I have seen some beautiful ones made to measure with rich decorations.

The decorated washbasin gives a lot of class to a country setting, which may appear in some cases too simple and approximate.

Being an informal style, coordinating accessories with a touch of refinement such as a washbasin with embossed decorations is an excellent option for me.

4. Decorative hoods in country kitchens

Being able to indulge in special decorative hoods is a must, given the many possibilities of combinations that this style grants.

In this way, this room in your home will never be banal, with a decorative hood that emphasizes its originality.

5. Country kitchens and their taps

Another detail that I like to note is the taps. Like the washbasin, a refined faucet gives elegance and a touch of sophisticated research to your kitchen.

I love them, but, as you have seen from my examples, I never appreciate dull details that express elegance and style.

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It is essential to understand its overall dimensions and lengths, try to harmonize it with the rest of the room and make the most of the available space.

Initially, the problem of the position of a definitive bed is not a topic that touches the young mothers who can decide to place the cradle, for the first months of the baby’s life, in their bedroom.

The dimensions are minimal and will not excessively constrain the geometries of the room. Instead, the arrangement of a cot is to be carefully evaluated, perhaps transformable, which can accompany the child up to 2/3 years.

In this case, the dimensions increase, and more attention will be required when purchasing.

Currently, different models can evolve and change according to the needs of the child.

Thanks to the elimination of the bars, it can become a practical intermediate bed of a maximum length of 140 cm.

The next step is undoubtedly a single bed which, with sides to avoid falling out of the bed, will be the definitive solution until adolescence.

How to make a bridge bed

If you have little room in the children’s room, one of the most adopted design solutions is undoubtedly the bridge bed.

It is the perfect system for concentrating indispensable furnishings, such as a bed, wardrobe, and desk, in a single, very functional, equipped wall.

The idea is to insert a wardrobe compatible with the measurements of the wall that will host it and reserve a space below the bed, just like a bridge.

It is almost always a matter of modular compositions in which it is possible to aggregate several container elements and obtain an ad hoc structure.

But which are the furnishing components that cannot be missed?

Most of the space will undoubtedly be destined to modules with doors for storing items of clothing in which it is also possible to include a practical chest of drawers.

You can then think of inserting pen modules, such as cubes or shelves, which will lighten the entire composition and will be useful for storing books and notebooks.

And finally, if the dimensions allow it is possible to add a desk, perhaps with wheels.

Colors and materials for your bridge bed

There are many proposals for finishes and colors suitable for customizing the bridge bed.

My advice is not to overdo the color, reserving the accents of shades only for some modules.

You can, for example, enhance a terminal bookcase module or some doors, or even the bed profiles, making it less severe.

Another alternative could be to choose a neutral color for the shell of the structure and dare with the handles, very colorful and maybe of different sizes.

Consider, also, that if the bed has a “big” size, then you will have to deal with the tastes of a child who will grow and therefore necessarily transform.

A room with baby shades may not be appreciated in the future.

Instead, you can play with the colors of accessories and accessories that should never be missing, and that can be replaced more easily. The only care is to prefer furniture with non-toxic water-based paints that respect the environment and health.

Accessories to embellish your bridge bed

To make the space dedicated to children more comfortable and hospitable, have fun choosing accessories and accessories that will complete their dream bedroom.

There are many fun ideas to use even if you have planned to insert a bridge bed.

The first is the cladding with stickers or wallpaper that, having recently come back into fashion, can be placed on the wall that remains free just below the structure, calibrating colors and imagination.

Don’t also forget to insert a lamp or an applique.

It will be necessary to illuminate the area near the bed and can be easily used by the little ones, with all the precautions related to safety.

If space allows, it is possible to add a bedside table or a tabletop, convenient for holding handkerchiefs or books.

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Wood, metal, and rough finishes.

These are some of the fundamental components capable of giving life to a splendid kitchen in full industrial style.

Born in New York in the eighties as a reconversion of old abandoned industrial buildings, industrial design has become in recent years a real trend that has also infected the environment of family sharing par excellence, the kitchen.

There are now many companies that offer combinations designed specifically for those who love rough materials and a slightly lived air.

Usually, the industrial style kitchen prefers open spaces and is often connected to the living room, avoiding barriers and doors.

It also provides a central area, like an island, in which to place a possible breakfast table or a practical pantry.

If you are looking for advice and useful tips for furnishing your food preparation area, following the tips in the next paragraphs.

They can guide you in choosing your industrial kitchen!

The materials to be used in an industrial style kitchen

One of the features that immediately catches the eye when looking at industrial kitchens is definitely the materials.

Their combinations are the most varied: a real mix of essences and colors.

But one thing is certain: wood and metal are its absolute protagonists.

Your preferences will define the balance.

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming kitchen, prefer the use of wood, perhaps in two colors.

If, on the other hand, your idea is to create a space in which to enhance the shades of gray then opt for important use of iron, steel and tin, available both shiny but also oxidized and brushed.

They can be used to make wall units, storage units, floors, and tables.

Remember to take care of the surfaces of the walls to get a perfect final result!

You could imagine them with exposed bricks that are very reminiscent of New York lofts or can be covered with resins treated with material effects.

Colors to use in an industrial style kitchen

To get an idea of ​​the range of colors to be used to furnish the industrial kitchen, it is good to imagine an old factory and its flavor of ancient artifacts and scrap metal.

The colors certainly include black, metallic colors (such as gray, copper, and bronze) and all the variations of wood color, ideal if you want to warm the environment.

Black, in particular, is linked above all to the possibility of furnishing the room with a blackboard finish, used to make walls or small strips that can become a handy note to pin down recipes and appointments.

The gray declined in darker shades, goes well with iron and steel which, being neutral, can be combined with other finishes.

This style does not include the use of bright or very bright shades.

You can use, however, some accessory or refined accessory that will give some color accent.

Rust, for example, is one of the trend colors of recent times: rough at the right point with reddish shades.

Industrial style kitchen: furnishing accessories that cannot be missed

As always, the choice of furnishings and accessories will also play an important role in the composition of your industrial-style dream kitchen.

This style is generally inserted in an open space of discrete dimensions so the available space will allow being able to play with the accessories. We could draw up a list in which I would certainly put the carts with wheels, comfortable and original, open shelves, filled with recipe books or used as a pantry and sought after vintage items, may be found in some flea market.

Don’t forget that all that is recovered is absolutely in line with this style.

Ancient mechanisms of watches, lamps, wires, and signs will complete the whole thing.

It will characterize your environment and make it unique, like the pieces you have inserted!

So have fun visiting fairs and buying special items.

Even the pipes of hoods or systems, for example, will become part of the furniture if left visible.

The urban charm of industrial kitchens has something magnetic and very fascinating.

The fulcrum of this environment is also the table for eating meals that can be placed inside it, if the dimensions allow it, or separate it with a beautiful stained glass window with iron profiles.

It would be interesting to find a particular table, perhaps deriving from an industrial recovery and that preserves unique characteristics, such as trestles or machinery gears.

The top can be in the wood of various thicknesses or in glass, perhaps with practical wheels that allow it to be moved.

You could then combine metal seats or original stools, perhaps with some color accent.

One of the latest trends is to group chairs with a completely different design around each other or to place the same model but with different colors.

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To complete the overview of articles dedicated to the most varied forms of cuisine, only one is missing: the corner kitchen.

This type of cuisine is certainly the most widespread.

It allows for designing appliances and works surfaces in two directions.

It is practical to be included in every project and, according to the dimensions of the abscissa and ordered, it can be more cumbersome on one side and less on the other.

In short, this is the kitchen par excellence, the one that is more present in modern homes.

Its main characteristic, from the architectural point of view, is to be well integrated with the rest of the house.

The open spaces favor this solution precisely because of the greater breathing that the open corner brings to all kitchens.

Reading so much about furnishing and with some direct experience in furnishing houses, I realize that there are five concepts on which I reflect each time in front of a corner kitchen project.

And every time I wonder … why not share my experience with those who read me?

1. Corner kitchen with an element that recalls the context

Look carefully at the example below.

A bookcase is mounted on the end of one side of the kitchen.

It is a way to facilitate the integration between the living room and kitchen area and to harmonize the relationship between spaces.

2. The two-colored corner kitchens are beautiful

As mentioned above, corner kitchens are often the only alternative for small rooms.

Council, just to give life and movement to small environments, to consider the possibility of choosing a bi-color kitchen.

3. Kitchens with a well-equipped corner

The corner is a precious reservoir of space.

I suggest designing well where the two sides of the kitchen converge.

Provide in an adequate manner to provide you with shelves, fitted furniture, storage compartments.

4. Light colors: in my opinion the best for a corner kitchen

By now you know my tastes very well, and most likely you will know that, where there is little space, I prefer the brightness of white.

The light colors soften the sense of closure and perpendicularity that the right angle recalls.

4. Are corner kitchens the most ordinary? Choose the details with imagination

We make the difference with particular materials, with detailed functional research and not-so-acclaimed accessories. We will make our kitchen special corner in essence, even if it has a classic layout.

A stone sink, for example, can give an extremely personal touch to your corner kitchen.

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Our appointment with the news and trends concerning home decor and the like becomes increasingly comprehensive and in-depth.

We talked about chandeliers and lighting in every nuance, but we haven’t yet looked closely at ethnic chandeliers.

Until a few years ago, I am furnishing an ethnic-style home meant buying items from a distant place like the East and bringing them into the home.

Then they tried to balance harmony and style among the numerous suggestions with an exotic flavor that was all the rage.

Today this trend is mostly replaced with the desire to elaborate extra-continental cues and inspirations to make them their own and interpret them in a personal and original style.

The result fuses native lines with western experiences and usability.

Everything takes on a more elegant and evolved form.

I have chosen for you some of these ethnic proposals interpreted in this key so that design and elegance are always protagonists within the walls of our house.

Ethnic metal chandeliers

They are my favorites.

The design is swirling and very soft, the chiseling is really the Moroccan one.

The whole remains essential and clean. The effect in the dark is romantic and evocative. The atmosphere created by the small holes is surprising.

Ethnic chandeliers with hanging elements

The pendants of the ethnic “chandeliers” are of various types, depending on their origin.

I do not want to offer solutions emblazoned with glass components seen and magazines.

Today I bring to your attention ethnic chandeliers with stone pendants.

The “pearls” of rock, finely worked and kept hollow, take harmonious and balanced lines.

This type of chandelier, despite being ethnic, is suitable for more varied settings due to their clean lines and neutral colors.

Chandeliers in ethnic style with glass mosaic

The colored glass mosaic, perhaps hand-painted, remains one of the most beautiful versions of chandeliers in ethnic style.

I like them a lot, especially for the reflections and the beauty of its light projected into the environment.

Ethnic bamboo chandelier

A refined and particularly inviting version of an ethnic chandelier is the one created with woven bamboo.

There are particularly captivating interpretations with weaves that let the light filter at more or less regular intervals.

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Circular saw – a reliable assistant

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The best assistant when performing work related to sawing various materials such as wood, plexiglass, laminate, plastic, slate, metals is a circular saw. To do this, you just need to install the necessary cutting tool and set the appropriate operating mode on the equipment. How choose the track saw or table saw?

The circular saw appeared at the beginning of the last century and remains in demand to this day. Its advantages: it provides a straight cut line, make a cross-cut, and can work with a wide variety of materials.

Circular saws are hand-held and stationary. When choosing them, it is also necessary to consider what kind of work will be performed by this equipment and in what volume. Electric (circular) saws, assembly (cutting) for metal, cordless, submersible are very popular.

Which circular saw is better? The answer to this question is simple – each of them has its own purpose, so the comparison in this case will not be entirely appropriate:

  • circular and cordless saws perform the same function. They differ in different power sources. For the operation of an electric saw, electricity is needed, and for a battery one, a powerful element. These circular saws are designed to work with wood, soft metals, laminate, plexiglass, plastic;
  • cut-off saws are a type of electric circular saws and are designed for cutting metals: iron rods, profiles, pipes, corners. They refer to permanently installed equipment, which is a great advantage since it frees the hands of the master for comfortable operation;
  • plunge-cut circular saws are also electrical equipment. Their features are the ability to plunge into the material not only from the end but in any place necessary for sawing and the ability to adjust the plunge depth.

Choosing a circular (circular) saw

What do you need to know to choose the best circular saw? It is necessary to start with an understanding of what kind of equipment is needed (stationary or manual), to work with what materials (metals or non-metals) and in what volumes (one-time work or professional activity), as well as the possibility of access to an electric point (battery equipment or electrical) …

Next, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the equipment. Here are the main ones:

  • electric motor power. Its high value allows cutting materials of different hardness but contributes to an increase in the weight and cost of equipment. In order for the circular saw to serve as long as possible, it must be chosen with a power reserve;
  • rotational speed. For household work, it will be enough to purchase a single-speed electric tool. For professional activities, it will be better if this characteristic turns out to be adjustable because this is necessary for setting up equipment when working with various materials;
  • characteristics of the saw itself. Here the following factors play a role: the type of material being processed, the value of the maximum infeed depth, the size and shape of the teeth, and the angle of their sharpening. All the necessary information is indicated in the markings on the saw itself. This is, as a rule, the diameter of the saw itself, the number of teeth, the diameter of the shaft that turns the disc, and additional information: the material being processed, the thickness of the cut, the maximum value of the number of revolutions per minute.

Where to buy the tool

the online store offers at your choice the best models of such equipment as an electric saw (circular, band, miter, etc.), a chainsaw, cordless saws (circular, jigsaw cutting, etc.), electric hacks, and Not only.

Choose and order the necessary equipment on yourself or with the help of our managers. This is easy to do with a convenient filter system. All technical characteristics and descriptions of the product you like can be read by going to its page.

If necessary, our managers will be able to give free consultation on the product you are interested in or will assist in choosing and ordering the necessary product over the phone. 

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The topic we face today is about the kitchen: it is an element that is always renewed and needs to be constantly examined.

Let’s talk about tops for special and beautiful kitchens, each with well-defined characteristics.

The top of the kitchen is the element that is always before your eyes as you cook.

It is the component with which you are most in contact, what you touch several times during the day and where your food is prepared.

This is why most futuristic designers and architects invest time and resources in order to develop tops for increasingly beautiful, resistant, and hygienic kitchens.

In fact, these are the three pillars on levering to choose whether or not a material or a color.

But what if a kitchen top also solved space problems? Are you multiplying the possibilities of living in smaller kitchens with many more options?

The design of spaces is always in evolution, and alongside increasingly resistant and practical materials we also find this type of elaboration, devoted to the amplification of space,

I wanted to tell you about top for kitchens because I saw three of them that caught my attention, and which, in my opinion, deserve to be told.

Top for glass kitchens

Glass is a ductile material par excellence and manages to express itself with color, shape, brightness, and much more.

If you want a kitchen that amazes and brightens your day, a glass top is the one for you.

The only advice I can give is that not all glasses are the same.

Make sure that the glass in your kitchen is laminated and tempered.

This last adjective refers to a heat treatment which, through a very abrupt cooling, gives the glass strength and resistance characteristics that make it more suitable for use in the kitchen. Furthermore, if it breaks, it would break into smooth, non-cutting pieces and is therefore safer.

I was very impressed by the backlight option that I find very elegant.

Stone top

Stone is another extremely fascinating material that embodies practicality, beauty, and strength.

Whether it’s called perlite, quartzite, or all the names that span the laminated stoneware family, we can count on resistance to heat, bacteria, and scratches.

Go ahead also to place hot pots and dishes: the stone, whether natural or sintered, is resistant to high temperatures.

Sliding and removable tops to save space

It is pleasant to see that technology is always on the side of liveability and the sharing of precious moments of everyday life.

There are precious space solutions proposed by the design of kitchens tops with extractable or sliding systems.

So here are three types of tops that have stunned me!

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Are you enjoying spring? Spring for me is a time when everyone hurries to get their dusty gas weed eaters out of the garage 🙂

And I love being in the garden to contemplate the awakening beauty of nature.

Just yesterday, I thought about what could make my open space more relaxing and enjoyable.

My thoughts immediately went to the sound of water, and I caressed the idea of ​​having a decorative fountain in the garden all to myself!

The first outdoor garden fountains certainly appear as ornamental and functional elements within the beautiful Renaissance gardens.

This image has been handed down over time, and even today it is customary to insert some of them in green spaces, often at corners dedicated to rest.

Indeed, the sound of water infuses a lot of tranquility and breaks the verdant expanse of plants, creating an exciting dynamism.

It is essential, first of all, to consider the space available in the garden in such a way as to adequately proportion the fountain with the context and create beautifully balanced environments.

If the outdoor space is ample, it can be placed in a central position where it can be admired, becoming a focal point.

If, on the contrary, the dimensions do not allow for grandiose projects, it can be positioned between the vegetation or prepared for the wall.

This is undoubtedly one of the favorite models from those who have a small garden because it allows you to customize the space and make it charming with little effort.

Choosing the one or the other type will depend a lot on the design choices made and the selected style.

The solutions are endless, but I can suggest to you:

  • The small fountain is the simplest type. Useful and practical, it is among the most widespread also around the city. It is possible to adjust the opening of the tap, so as not to wastewater and use it when it is needed.
  • The fountain in the rock is among the most fascinating and romantic models. The image is that of a jet of water that flows directly between the inlets of the stones. It is the ideal choice in case you intend to create a romantic garden.
  • The wall fountain is one of the most common types both in spaces of considerable dimensions and in those with reduced areas. In this case, the bowl will also be suspended or placed on the ground.

What could be more beautiful, between the rustling of the branches and the chirping of birds, to hear the sound of water spurting and flowing?

Knowing me, I am sure you have already guessed my next thought: to write an article entirely dedicated to fountains for the garden.

I imagined different houses, completely different styles to marry with as many types of decorative fountains.

Unless you want to play with contrast, the game of water that we choose for our exterior must reflect or at least be coordinated with, the style we have chosen for the interiors.

And this is perhaps why I decided to make a list of exciting types of decorative garden fountains.

Maybe they can serve as a guide for a possible choice, and inspire your desire to furnish your outdoor space.

1. Decorative garden and design fountain

With a home equipped with a contemporary flavor, the design fountain is the most appreciated.

Simple lines, slightly wavy ponds and material play, between concrete and stones, give life to true masterpieces.

The most commonly used materials for garden fountains are cast iron and stone.

Two coatings that, thanks to their high characteristics of resistance to impacts and atmospheric agents, lend themselves to being positioned outside and to be modeled to measure. It is all about coordinating the material and style of the garden.

Preferring one or the other is generally just a matter of personal taste and form. If space allows the construction of water sculptures of considerable size, it is advisable to opt for the stone, certainly lighter and readily available. One thing is sure: inserting a fountain in a green space will undoubtedly change the look and its geometry. Carefully evaluate its position because it can represent a real focal point of the garden or a purely functional element that can also be inserted in a secluded area.

Both natural stone and cast iron are very malleable and durable products, able to last over time. The only necessary care will be to provide correct and constant maintenance, especially in the winter months.

It is possible to enrich the composition with statues that recall the works of classical antiquity, and that will give an antique and romantic flavor to your garden.

2. Decorative fountain for stone garden

Stone is a good passpartout for all styles and trends.

You will also always have eternal durability and beauty on your side.

3. Decorative garden fountain in shabby chic style

Oh yeah!

The style that is driving the whole world crazy has also infected the decorative fountains.

We find, in fact, elements in the garden that present all the shabby chic characteristics, in the fullness of its most defined identity.

4. Cascading decorative garden fountain

I find that falls are fascinating garden fountains.

Logical that it is necessary to have the wall were to slide them.

Here I like to indulge myself with the play of light and the backlight.

At dusk, it becomes all the more beautiful!

5. Multiple decorative garden fountain systems

If you have a big garden, and you want to have fun, creating real water games with specific rhythms gives a charm and a charm that is certainly unique to your outdoor space.

6. Classical garden decorative fountain

And if we want something classic and timeless?

The model of the decorative fountain for a garden of Renaissance type is a classic that goes well with various styles of furniture. The important thing is that they are not too contemporary and minimalist.

7. Minimal garden decorative fountain

And if we have little space?

The minimalist style embodies elegance and minimal space.

It is always the right choice when square meters are scarce, but you want the murmur of water in the garden.

Garden pump fountains

One of the many aspects to consider when choosing a garden fountain is the cost.

A new solution from this point of view is the pump system.

In addition to allowing a tremendous economic saving, it is easy to install, suitable for those who want to try their hand at DIY. It is a mechanism by which water is put into circulation and used to create suggestive water features, made even more beautiful by significant lighting effects.

A beautiful garden fountain deserves to be valued, even at night.

For this reason, in recent years, studies on the lighting of these decorative elements have been refined. The use of new LED lamps that can completely replace the old incandescent bulbs has allowed us to obtain numerous advantages:

  • consumption up to 10 times lower than previous ones
  • the possibility of getting multicolored scenographies
  • a prolonged duration over time
  • the dimensions of the lighting fixtures considerably reduced
  • low maintenance
  • the possibility of adjusting the light intensity
  • Immersion LEDs: they are usually fixed to the bottom of the fountain basin, creating a luminous effect from the bottom upwards. They can be immersed in the tanks and come into contact with water. Thanks to remote control, it is possible to adjust its intensity and any light effects.
  • LEDs with stroboscopic lights: in this case the lights are inserted outside the tub, directly resting on the garden soil. Thanks to the possibility of orienting their direction, they lend themselves to amusing effects, even colored.