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Today I share with you an article full of news and curiosity. Let’s talk about kitchens, and I want to tell you some interesting details about the history of modular kitchens.

Modular kitchens: how many curiosities

Do you know which is the first Italian modular kitchen?

It’s called E5, it was born in 1966 and is a modular system designed for the Elam company by a famous designer of our country: Marco Zanuso.

The realization of a livable environment that grants color and aesthetic value to the kitchen area is an authentic revolution in the world of design and industrial products.

Before then, the kitchen was simply the place where food was prepared, without so many aesthetic concerns, functional or linked to mass reproducibility.

The most astonishing consideration regards the great topicality of this product: since then, in 1966, the same kitchen model is still in production.

The E5 has the appearance of a unique piece of furniture. However, it is the result of a modular system made to measure.

It perfectly aligns with modern aesthetic standards.

One of its salient features, in fact, is the stainless steel top with the washbasins in continuity, the absence of handles and the concave ergonomic grip that allowed (and allows even now) to open the doors mechanically.

The E5 kitchen has even been exhibited on the occasion of the “Le Fabbriche di sogni” exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

News that honors the revolutionary and innovative character of this project alive, well and still beautiful today.

Modular kitchens: the evolutions

Since 1966 the world of cooking has evolved a lot. And yet, lines and features that belong to the historic E5 return and seem truly timeless.

Linear volumes, well-designed interiors aimed at diligently containing the material needed for cooking and eating: it seems that Marco Zanuso anticipated extremely current trends that may never decline.

Modular kitchen with “Elle”

The most numerous modular kitchens often have an “Elle” shape.

You can play with the differentiated style between the upper and lower apparatus, as in this photo.

The wall units have a color in contrast with the white lacquer of drawers and lower shelves.

Modular U-shaped kitchen

Another type of kitchen that is very frequent is the U-shaped model.

It is a real shortcut to optimize spaces and compose modules in the most performing way possible.

Modular kitchens with sophisticated design

We cannot conclude an article that talks about modular kitchens without mentioning some virtuosities that have renewed shapes and lines.

Below are two examples from the exceptional concept, which combines the freshest and most vigorous innovation with the most solid tradition born, in fact, way back in 1966.

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Today we talk about light and how to light up the bedroom by recreating atmosphere and romance.

Imagining the right lighting for every room in our home is not easy.

Often in a hurry to furnish it, we forget to study in detail the light requirements of each space, finding ourselves adding lamps of different nature here and there.

First of all, it is necessary to consider the dimensions of the room and the geometry of the space to avoid creating dead corners, dark and therefore, little exploitable.

It is fundamental, then, that it adapts both to the style of the furniture chosen for our room and to the colors and shades of the coverings.

A right harmony of the elements is the perfect balance to give life to a comfortable, pleasant environment and, in the case of the bedroom, intimate.

Obviously, in every point, a quantity of light must be spread adequately to the activities carried out.

Light up the bedroom with suspended chandeliers

Certainly, the first type of lighting that I would like to mention is the suspended one that can be used as a primary diffused source to revive the environment and carry out the main activities.

There are really many on the market and with different characteristics: from a beautiful lampshade covered in classic-looking fabric to the most extravagant modern forms with innovative materials.

The choice is complicated above all because companies now offer solutions of all kinds.

If you intend to enhance minimal and essential furniture, for example, it can be fun to focus on a particular and unconventional lamp that can create wonder and awe.

Be careful though don’t over light the room by exaggerating with the choice of watts!

It is a very common mistake that would cancel the atmosphere of quiet and relaxation typical of the bedroom.

It may be useful to choose lamps with small dimensions and, perhaps, with opalescent diffusers that can allow you to adjust the lighting intensity.

Diffused lighting for the bedroom

The lights complementary to the main ones are often underestimated. Think about it.

The first thing we would like to find as soon as we enter the bedroom is an atmosphere that relaxes our mind and body, which allows us to read a good book or use tablets and laptops for work.

The soft lights contribute to this.

Localized lights are useful for carrying out a precise activity or for enhancing an embellished corner of refined decorations.

Generally, it is better to prefer color or a style and to uniform all the lighting bodies as much as possible.

The design is absolutely subjective, and you will find a wide assortment both in the online shops and in the retailers of companies, maybe Italian.

The combination between them will create the right harmony between comfort and brightness that will not bother the view.

It is important, then, to provide more accentuated lighting in the wardrobe area.

Here, in fact, the light intensity should be increased to allow an easier and faster choice of combinations of clothes!

It is, in fact, a rather deep element, so it will be easy to create bands of shadow.

How to light up the bedroom with bedside lamps

Nothing more classic than bedside lamps, often twin.

Commonly they are table lamps, ideal for those who read a lot and therefore need direct and intense lighting but also for those who want to enjoy a bit of relaxation in the bed.

Try to prefer lamps with a dimmer that will allow you to adjust the intensity easily, and it will also become an excellent ally in case of a night-time heel lift.

There are also wall lamps of various types to be installed on the wall or with a convenient, flexible arm that can be adapted and directed without any effort.

You may prefer an eclectic design that strikes immediately or an essential and very simple form with traditional materials.

The important thing, in any case, is that the stem or foot of the lamps occupy little space on the bedside table, leaving the top free to support books or personal effects.

Lighting is therefore, essential in all the rooms in the home.

It can enhance corners, hide areas or create soft and relaxing settings with the right directions.

Study the characteristics well at the time of purchase, including technical ones, or get suggestions from industry experts.

What I can recommend is certainly to prefer a maximum of 100 lux horizontal for the primary diffused lights and a warm light tone with an excellent color rendering to have an intimate and hospitable nest.

The first indispensable requirement is, undoubtedly, to return an excellent quantity of light, capable of carrying out the main activities and functions related to the room in which we find ourselves. Try taking cues from the composition of architects and interior design, stopping to note the effect of the lamps when they are turned on. I’m sure it will be a precious inspiration for your beautiful homes!

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It is the place that is lived for most of the day, and besides being functional, it must be above all comfortable and relaxing.

It is good to understand, also, which style best represents us, what really makes us feel at home.

Perhaps for many, the modern style, made of clear and minimal lines, may seem at first sight cold and not very hospitable.

Nothing could be more wrong!

In the following paragraphs, I will explain how to furnish it and create a pleasant atmosphere with the right combinations of colors and furnishing accessories.

The first thing absolutely necessary to start modernizing your living room is to take the exact measurements of the room.

This is essential to understand the bulk of furniture and accessories and to evaluate possible routes.

Inserting, for example, a huge sofa compared to the available space, will become a problem not just for the design of the remaining living room.

How to position the furniture in a modern living room?

The first step in building the living room is to understand “where I put what” .

As long as we see, in the largest furniture factories, stands recreated with hypothetical living rooms, it all seems very easy and perfectly reproducible.

Every space has its geometries and not always what we see can work anywhere.

Imagine, first of all, a functional division: relaxation area, small reading corner and study area, for example.

This will allow you to create macro areas and identify their limits.

Then move on to the furnishing structure: start with the sofa and the rug, which will extend to cover the area around it.

Consider, therefore, the TV area and any wall equipped with open doors, for books and photo albums, and furniture with hinged doors closed.

If the dimensions allow it, also design a reading area, perhaps next to a beautiful fireplace, where the protagonist could be a refined armchair. The modern style includes strong lines and simple and refined design.

The latest trend is also to include small retro hints, with vintage or industrial pieces.

Colors and shades for a modern living room

The color combinations are essential to give shape to the living room in a modern style.

Their characteristic can enhance the outlines of furnishings and accessories or conceal their shapes.

Provide a unique color for the furniture structure in order to obtain a uniform image for the entire living area.

It can be varied, then, in some points with accents of color, patterns, and original decorations that will break the continuity.

Absolutely avoid monochrome.

If you like gray, don’t think about making an entire living room of the same shade.

The risk is to get a boring and flat image!

Instead experiment with combinations with different shades and light and dark shades, introducing, for example, a fun geometric texture that will follow the minimal lines of the furniture.

Even the walls can take on specific importance.

You can choose whether to leave them completely white, in the case of small sizes, to paint them with a coordinating color or to cover them with splendid wallpapers.

Furnishing accessories in a modern living room

After dedicating yourself to building the living room skeleton, you can move on to the fun part: the choice of furnishing accessories and decorations.

They are fundamental elements to enrich furniture and small spaces of the result, do not underestimate its potential.

By inserting or removing complements, your stay can completely change the appearance.

If you have small dimensions, I would definitely recommend playing with mirrors that reflect light and give life to optical light effects of depth.

If, on the other hand, you have a spacious living area, then you can indulge yourself by inserting vases of different sizes, small ornaments, and beautiful poufs that can fill dead corners.

Also, consider the idea of ​​inserting objects from your travels and a beautiful wall with a composition of paintings and frames that can become one of the focal points of the environment.

Do not neglect the sofa which, if you like, can be embellished with cushions with eclectic pillowcases and a nice table with storage shelves.

Harmony is the watchword.

Even in the living room, it is necessary to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Furniture, lighting, and furnishing accessories must blend perfectly, and when the spaces are very small or very large, it is not easy. Carefully calibrate furnishings and objects to proportion each piece and create the right balance.

Try to experience what makes you feel most at home, without obviously falling into kitsch.

Get inspired by photos and images or ask for advice on interior design.

In recent times the mix of styles is certainly one of the most popular directions, as is the introduction of highly hi-tech elements. For the lovers of technology, in fact, the modern living room is ideal because it often provides facilities designed to accommodate the technological equipment and elegant audio design elements.

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The cardboard furniture has now become real pieces of design able to embellish domestic environments and enhance home corners.

They are furnishings designed and conceived to be functional, easily mountable, and, to a great surprise, also very resistant.

In fact, some chairs can withstand up to two tons of weight.

From the inception in 1972 of the iconic Wiggle Side Chair, designed by Frank Gehry and produced by Vitra, the world of recycling has developed rapidly, giving rise to a new approach to experimenting with poor materials.

In fact, in recent years, many companies have embraced an eco-sustainable philosophy that tends to preserve the environment and significantly reduce production costs.

The cardboard furnishings are thus economically affordable and by now of notable aesthetic quality, comparable to objects made with traditional materials.

In the market, there are really many proposals that range from beds to cabinets and lighting.

Different materials for making cardboard furniture

The cardboard used in the production of furniture is 100% recyclable and cannot be placed outside because it is not waterproof.

Many companies also make complements that are totally resistant to water and atmospheric agents.

But be careful!

The chemical process necessary to treat the material obviously cancels its eco nature.

It is also advisable to observe the certifications of origin of the compound (FSC mark) to respect the environment better.

Furniture manufacturing companies commonly use three types of cardboard:

  • Corrugated cardboard: very resistant material obtained by joining several layers of cardboard, generally from two to seven.
  • Honeycomb cardboard: unalterable material under strong pressure and very versatile. It is called this because its internal structure is similar to a beehive.
  • The pressed cardboard: totally recycled material deriving from the processing of Kraft paper fiber. The result is a very hard and resistant sheet.
  • It is, therefore, necessary to pay attention to the specific technical characteristics of each piece of furniture made of cardboard.

Cardboard furniture for the home

The versatility of this material really allows the range with the imagination to design more and more original and functional furnishing elements for the home.

The lines are simple, minimal, and really innovative.

An example?

Comfortable bedroom beds, of different sizes, which can support the weight of 10 people without giving in and also being relocation-proof.

They are, in fact, totally removable and easily transportable!

Each piece of furniture in a cardboard can blend and blend nicely even with existing furnishings, perhaps becoming an eccentric focal point of the environment.

Beautiful baroque style armchairs with sinuous lines and inlaid details will accompany the evenings with friends, while practical modular libraries will welcome your favorite books.

But still table lamps or suspension lamps that, combined with traditional shockproof materials such as wood or plexiglass, will create a delicate and refined effect.

It is also often possible to customize colors and finishes.

Cardboard furniture for children

In the world of childhood, the watchword is certainly a fantasy.

The cardboard furniture collections of design companies dedicated to children are largely inspired by the Montessori Method, an educational system designed by Maria Montessori in 1900 and still in use in many schools around the world.

At the base, there is the idea of ​​leaving the full child autonomy, stimulating his creativity, and designing everything within his reach, even the furniture at home.

The exploration of the world could begin by drawing on a nice round table with small chairs suitable for those who love coloring and writing.

Or riding on one of the many rocking horses renewed in a modern way.

All products are obviously made using non-toxic materials.

The color is not only “natural” but now includes different shades that are well suited to the colored rooms of the little ones.

The furnishings, being light, can be easily moved to other areas of the house.

In conclusion, we can say that, if up until a few years ago the mere idea of ​​making cardboard furniture could be understood as an exaggeration dictated by the fashion of the moment, today it is good to think again.

The future is green, and the design also reflects the sustainable direction in which we are proceeding.

Architects and designers are able to appreciate the value of poor materials like these and have been able to enhance their virtues.

Probably one of the most recurrent doubts is related to the resistance and its degradation over time, but it is an aspect that will surprise many, and that abandons the classic cliches.

The choice of these furnishings is really wide, and besides being useful and durable, they are also beautiful.

Their attractive shapes and technical characteristics fully meet the growing needs of customers, making these products competitive even economically.

It is therefore only a matter of choosing the decorative element that best fits our home and having fun with it.

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In recent years there have been numerous e-commerce businesses that have radically replaced physical stores, and the way to buy home furnishings has fundamentally changed.

This evolution has also touched the world of bathroom furnishings. There are online sales platforms that not only host a variety of bathroom furnishing products such as sanitary ware, sinks, showers, tiles, and much more but also provide personalized services.

Acquaclick, a new way to furnish your bathroom with a simple click

Acquaclick is an e-commerce company specialized in bathroom furnishings and is perfect for all those who want to have fun decorating this room in the home from the comfort of their sofa.

This online shop was created to satisfy every need of the end customer, offering numerous brands of world importance and their infinite products, perfect for every type of home.

In addition to the products that you can see in the various categories, numerous services are available to the customer:

  • possibility to request a custom quote or custom design of bathroom furniture
  • The expedition to 48h for those who buy the products available in stock
  • the active chat in continuous time for any question about products for sale or additional services.

Among the numerous brands on Acquaclick, you can also find Pozzi & Ginori.

Pozzi Ginori: the history of a historic brand

Pozzi Ginori is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality sanitary ware. Since 2017 it is part of the Geberit Group. Numerous hygienic and bathroom furniture series has been put on the market in recent years and marketed throughout Europe.

Many of these have been designed by world-renowned designers such as Antonio Citterio, Matteo Thun, and Le Corbusier, who have remained impressed in the history of design about bathroom furnishings.

But let’s see in detail some of the furnishings available on Acquaclick, rigorously signed Pozzi Ginori.

Pozzi Ginori suspended sanitary ware from the 500 collection

The wall-hung always have a unique charm.

Non-contact with the floor makes the lines much lighter and in harmony with the environment.

Also, from a practical point of view, they make a difference.

They are easier to clean and disinfect, both in the toilet and in the bidet area.

Pozzi Ginori design washbasins

Browsing the various Pozzi Ginori products for sale on Acquaclick, you will find restrooms and washbasins from the Montebianco line.

The Montebianco collection was born in 1940 and is immediately a great success.

Over the years, it has become one of the most loved by customers because, thanks to its lines, it is always defined as current and fashionable. It is a collection that can easily be interpreted as classic but with modern lines, perfect for any living environment.

Pozzi Ginori bathroom furniture and fixtures from the Citterio collection

Suspended washbasins and fixtures made of white ceramic Pozzi and Ginori embellish this bathroom covered with beige porcelain stoneware tiles and lamps and bathroom accessories in shades of black.

Rounded lines and suspended sanitary fittings characterize this collection that soon becomes a favorite of Pozzi Ginori customers.

They lend themselves to being installed in small bathrooms and not only.

They are also perfect for bathroom areas in public places, for example.

Combined with taps with defined lines, they complete the whole, giving elegance to your future bathroom.

Fast by Pozzi Ginori line

The Fast line combines the purity of lines and shapes with a rather wide range of solutions offered by the brand. The essential lines and soft shapes make it possible to furnish the bathroom area with versatility.

Do not underestimate the high quality of the Pozzi Ginori ceramics that ensures the maintenance of the ceramic shine over time. It is possible to combine these sinks and bathroom fixtures with furniture in glossy white finish and mirrors with fluorescent lighting, as you can see in the picture.

Bathroom furniture by Pozzi Ginori

As for bathroom furniture, Pozzi Ginori offers a variety of solutions.

In the photos to come, you can see how, combining washbasins, cabinets, and mirrors, numerous design furnishing solutions come to life for the bathroom area. It is possible to range between different colors and geometries that make each composition special.

Inside the furniture can be accessorized to your liking.

As you can see in the picture to come, even the doors internally become practical containers for storing bottles, brushes, creams, and everything you need in the bathroom.

For those who wish, it is also possible to add mirrors and other accessories.

For those who do not like closed furniture, Pozzi Ginori also proposes these shelves with visible containers, useful for storing sheets, towels, and creams.

Shower trays proposed by Pozzi Ginori

In the future, you can see some of the Pozzi Ginori shower trays characterized by different shapes and thicknesses.

It is possible to choose from the different sizes available on the Acquaclick website.

The bathroom area has gained in importance over the years.

Once it had a mere service function. Today it has acquired a substantial impact on home furnishings.

A bathroom is an intimate place where time is spent on oneself.

We take care of our personal and therefore must be designed functionally, while maintaining the concept of design and beauty of the furnishings.



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How to renew open spaces? Here are ten types of garden lounges to choose from!

Today on the furnishing and interior design Fillyourhomewithlove blog, we talk about open spaces, gardens, sun, and spring!

I’m sure the milder temperatures have set your eyes on your garden, and maybe some of you are starting to think about how to renovate it.

Among your readers, there will also be those who begin to furnish their own open space, and this article will be useful to both.

Whether you start from scratch or decide to give your green space a new lease of life, this article will help you.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the various types of trendy garden lounges, and I am sure that some of you can draw exciting and original ideas to apply to your home.

1. Wooden garden lounges

Wood is always a great classic, and, beyond beauty, it is the tactile sensation that it gives and its warmth that still makes it the right choice.

2. Wicker garden lounges

Even the wicker is a very used material, but with a timeless appeal.

3. Boho style garden lounges

A beautiful boho-style garden lounge, which blends the sixties and unique elements, gives your garden an exotic and non-conformist note.

4. Garden furniture in hygge style

The hinge style is pure comfort, and the sweetness of this mood can also be reproduced in the garden lounge.

5. Stone garden lounges

Many stone proposals make your out-door sessions much sought after.

6. Corner garden lounges

The corner structure is the easiest and most suitable way to have a pleasant and neatly arranged living room in the garden.

7. Circle garden lounges

A trend of great depth: a circular garden lounge, with essential and pure lines, and a focal point in the center. Poetry is served!

8. Geometric garden lounges

Clear, regular, and contemporary lines give a living room in the garden a great appeal. It is a garden to be experienced but also to be enjoyed with the eyes.

9. Shabby garden lounges

The shabby chic style can express itself to the fullest even in the garden. Indeed, among flowers and plants, it manages to give its best.

10. DIY garden lounges

There are so many ways to create a living room in the garden with do-it-yourself techniques.

Paying attention to the details, we guarantee an excellent result for your garden.

Which of these ten proposals do you like best? I am fascinated by the boho style, free and informal.

And which do you prefer?



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Hello and welcome back to the Fillyourhomewithlove furnishing and interior design blog.

Today we are in Brianza, more precisely at the Borgonovo 1930 Showroom, a furniture store covering about 2000 square meters, which displays the best brands of furniture on the market.

Crossing their corridors, you will be able to view more than twenty kitchen environments, ten-day rooms, and as many dedicated to the sleeping area.

There are also rooms for children, bathroom furnishings, and accessories from the best brands such as Calligaris and Dorelan Mattresses.

I can not quote Clever bedrooms for children and teenagers, Scavolini kitchens, kitchens Ernesto Meda, Moretti Compact, TWILS Upholstered beds, and Saba sofas and armchairs.

Borgonovo 1930 does not propose itself as a mere furnishing shop, but wants to amaze its customers, helping them to create their dream home, following them in the choice of materials, in the mix of various color combinations and much more.

Behind their desks, you will find real furnishing consultants who will accompany you step by step towards the realization of your beloved dream home.

As I mentioned a few lines ago, Borgonovo Arredamenti 1930 is a Saba dealer from Brianza.

Saba design sofas at Borgonovo Arredamenti

If you have a chance to take a look at Saba’s creations, you will realize their beauty.

I have selected for you living room furnishing accessories such as the My Taos, Limes or Ananta Class sofa, the new Saba born.

My Taos by Saba

The restyling of this sofa represents the Saba identity that is based on comfort, design, poetry, and memory.

The latter is found infidelity with the original project.

Thanks to the use of the latest generation materials and ergonomic improvement, extreme comfort is guaranteed.

Poetry is enclosed in rounded shapes, rounded edges and soft lines.

The Saba divani proposal: Limes

Limes are defined by Saba Divani, “a system of sessions that erases the boundaries.”

The backrest panels are molded according to the needs of those who use the sofa at that precise moment. They are made of metal with a chrome finish and are available with a practical fabric lining.

The sofa is complete with a fabric-covered shelf that serves as practical support, all completely removable.

Ananta Class: the sofa that gives movement

This sofa has been designed to be highly customizable.

Thanks to the independent backrests and the 80, 120, 160, 200 and 240 cm bases, they can be quickly joined together in different ways.

The seats, free from the constraints of the armrests and backs, reorganize themselves in the spaces adapting to the needs. For those who wish, it is possible to complete the sofa with a comfortable table, available in two sizes.

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