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It is essential to understand its overall dimensions and lengths, try to harmonize it with the rest of the room and make the most of the available space.

Initially, the problem of the position of a definitive bed is not a topic that touches the young mothers who can decide to place the cradle, for the first months of the baby’s life, in their bedroom.

The dimensions are minimal and will not excessively constrain the geometries of the room. Instead, the arrangement of a cot is to be carefully evaluated, perhaps transformable, which can accompany the child up to 2/3 years.

In this case, the dimensions increase, and more attention will be required when purchasing.

Currently, different models can evolve and change according to the needs of the child.

Thanks to the elimination of the bars, it can become a practical intermediate bed of a maximum length of 140 cm.

The next step is undoubtedly a single bed which, with sides to avoid falling out of the bed, will be the definitive solution until adolescence.

How to make a bridge bed

If you have little room in the children’s room, one of the most adopted design solutions is undoubtedly the bridge bed.

It is the perfect system for concentrating indispensable furnishings, such as a bed, wardrobe, and desk, in a single, very functional, equipped wall.

The idea is to insert a wardrobe compatible with the measurements of the wall that will host it and reserve a space below the bed, just like a bridge.

It is almost always a matter of modular compositions in which it is possible to aggregate several container elements and obtain an ad hoc structure.

But which are the furnishing components that cannot be missed?

Most of the space will undoubtedly be destined to modules with doors for storing items of clothing in which it is also possible to include a practical chest of drawers.

You can then think of inserting pen modules, such as cubes or shelves, which will lighten the entire composition and will be useful for storing books and notebooks.

And finally, if the dimensions allow it is possible to add a desk, perhaps with wheels.

Colors and materials for your bridge bed

There are many proposals for finishes and colors suitable for customizing the bridge bed.

My advice is not to overdo the color, reserving the accents of shades only for some modules.

You can, for example, enhance a terminal bookcase module or some doors, or even the bed profiles, making it less severe.

Another alternative could be to choose a neutral color for the shell of the structure and dare with the handles, very colorful and maybe of different sizes.

Consider, also, that if the bed has a “big” size, then you will have to deal with the tastes of a child who will grow and therefore necessarily transform.

A room with baby shades may not be appreciated in the future.

Instead, you can play with the colors of accessories and accessories that should never be missing, and that can be replaced more easily. The only care is to prefer furniture with non-toxic water-based paints that respect the environment and health.

Accessories to embellish your bridge bed

To make the space dedicated to children more comfortable and hospitable, have fun choosing accessories and accessories that will complete their dream bedroom.

There are many fun ideas to use even if you have planned to insert a bridge bed.

The first is the cladding with stickers or wallpaper that, having recently come back into fashion, can be placed on the wall that remains free just below the structure, calibrating colors and imagination.

Don’t also forget to insert a lamp or an applique.

It will be necessary to illuminate the area near the bed and can be easily used by the little ones, with all the precautions related to safety.

If space allows, it is possible to add a bedside table or a tabletop, convenient for holding handkerchiefs or books.

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