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We will try to focus on what accessories, elements, and details are becoming important in the world of this much-loved style.

In fact, keeping myself informed and always trying to keep up to date on the various trends concerning home decor and the like, I noticed some remarkable phenomena in the world of shabby furnishing.

I have therefore sought these trends in every room of the house, and important considerations have emerged.

As always, the joy of having a blog is sharing information, thoughts, and considerations with your readers.

So why not tell you all this with an article about it?

1. Shabby chic trends: the key elements of this style are also very popular in the garden

The shabby chic style has already contaminated every area of the furnishing world.

Even the garden, of course, but it is precisely now that the objects symbolizing the shabby style come out in the open air in their precise identity.

Repainted furniture, pallets, recycled items are brought out as they are inside the house.

The result is a complete and deep immersion in its indoor and outdoor atmospheres.

2. In the bedroom, the fake canopy is a true shabby chic trend!

The fake canopy is more present than in the past in the virtuous examples of shabby furniture.

The tent becomes a simple decoration that hangs from the ceiling, but if necessary, can be an accessory that gives great intimacy to your sleep.

Fake canopies or small ones above the headboard of the bed are more and more numerous, and, I must admit, they are very choreographic even though they do not have large dimensions.

3. Cuisine: flowers everywhere among the most accentuated shabby chic trends

Dusters, plates, cups, accessories … everything shows the pleasant pink shades. But not only. This style also presents more and more Chinese floral patterns, which I find precious, beautiful, and delicate.

4. In the living room, the shabby trend is about the coffee table

The coffee table is increasingly important in shabby environments. It becomes wider and more spacious; it is capacious and collects objects helping to maintain order through shelves and storage compartments. An obvious trend, which I believe is also convenient.

5. Furniture with open shelves: a much-loved shabby trend

Sideboards, wardrobes, objects, showcases all without any door. The Open Mobile is a salient feature of the style, perhaps today more than ever before. It’s very nice to see how linens, objects, and porcelain are arranged so accurately inside … I think that one reason for the success of this open furniture is precisely the possibility of seeing the refinement of the details of the objects placed in them.

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