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To complete the overview of articles dedicated to the most varied forms of cuisine, only one is missing: the corner kitchen.

This type of cuisine is certainly the most widespread.

It allows for designing appliances and works surfaces in two directions.

It is practical to be included in every project and, according to the dimensions of the abscissa and ordered, it can be more cumbersome on one side and less on the other.

In short, this is the kitchen par excellence, the one that is more present in modern homes.

Its main characteristic, from the architectural point of view, is to be well integrated with the rest of the house.

The open spaces favor this solution precisely because of the greater breathing that the open corner brings to all kitchens.

Reading so much about furnishing and with some direct experience in furnishing houses, I realize that there are five concepts on which I reflect each time in front of a corner kitchen project.

And every time I wonder … why not share my experience with those who read me?

1. Corner kitchen with an element that recalls the context

Look carefully at the example below.

A bookcase is mounted on the end of one side of the kitchen.

It is a way to facilitate the integration between the living room and kitchen area and to harmonize the relationship between spaces.

2. The two-colored corner kitchens are beautiful

As mentioned above, corner kitchens are often the only alternative for small rooms.

Council, just to give life and movement to small environments, to consider the possibility of choosing a bi-color kitchen.

3. Kitchens with a well-equipped corner

The corner is a precious reservoir of space.

I suggest designing well where the two sides of the kitchen converge.

Provide in an adequate manner to provide you with shelves, fitted furniture, storage compartments.

4. Light colors: in my opinion the best for a corner kitchen

By now you know my tastes very well, and most likely you will know that, where there is little space, I prefer the brightness of white.

The light colors soften the sense of closure and perpendicularity that the right angle recalls.

4. Are corner kitchens the most ordinary? Choose the details with imagination

We make the difference with particular materials, with detailed functional research and not-so-acclaimed accessories. We will make our kitchen special corner in essence, even if it has a classic layout.

A stone sink, for example, can give an extremely personal touch to your corner kitchen.

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