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I very much hope that the subject I will be discussing in the article may be interesting in your eyes and can excite you.

I have been exploring the whole ” kitchen ” universe with images and considerations. I wrote about styles, components, tips to furnish with taste … but always keeping an eye on practicality.

As I think you have guessed, styles for furnishing are often contaminated by similar ones.

The minimalist one or the urban one can have details that push towards the industrial style; the Provenсal one may contain details that come from shabby chic or vice versa.

The same is true for country style, perfect for home country furniture.

The rustic and country chic style has many features in common; however, the differentiating parameter for me concerns the way of approaching this way of furnishing. It refers to a domestic philosophy that makes the kitchen live in a simple, practical way, and there are objects that recall it clearly and precisely.

I have identified five. Do you want to add more?

1.Use of solid chestnut wood in country kitchens

This style is often synonymous with “informal” and warmth.

The main element can, therefore, only be solid chestnut wood, used to make almost all the furniture belonging to this mood.

I can’t imagine a country kitchen without wood as the protagonist.

2. The presence of the stove is decisive in an environment furnished in this style

If I had to imagine details that embellish a kitchen furnished in this style and of which I would never do without, I think of the old-style stove.

I see it used in all possible uses: from the oven to the hotplate … or simply to dispense that pleasant warmth that melts and warms body and soul. It is inevitable, for example, in country houses, but also in that purely country chic. To make it all unique, it is sufficient to cover the walls with bricks or faux masonry solutions.

3. Country kitchens and decorated sinks

Another detail that makes the difference for me is the sink.

I have seen some beautiful ones made to measure with rich decorations.

The decorated washbasin gives a lot of class to a country setting, which may appear in some cases too simple and approximate.

Being an informal style, coordinating accessories with a touch of refinement such as a washbasin with embossed decorations is an excellent option for me.

4. Decorative hoods in country kitchens

Being able to indulge in special decorative hoods is a must, given the many possibilities of combinations that this style grants.

In this way, this room in your home will never be banal, with a decorative hood that emphasizes its originality.

5. Country kitchens and their taps

Another detail that I like to note is the taps. Like the washbasin, a refined faucet gives elegance and a touch of sophisticated research to your kitchen.

I love them, but, as you have seen from my examples, I never appreciate dull details that express elegance and style.

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