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Our appointment with the news and trends concerning home decor and the like becomes increasingly comprehensive and in-depth.

We talked about chandeliers and lighting in every nuance, but we haven’t yet looked closely at ethnic chandeliers.

Until a few years ago, I am furnishing an ethnic-style home meant buying items from a distant place like the East and bringing them into the home.

Then they tried to balance harmony and style among the numerous suggestions with an exotic flavor that was all the rage.

Today this trend is mostly replaced with the desire to elaborate extra-continental cues and inspirations to make them their own and interpret them in a personal and original style.

The result fuses native lines with western experiences and usability.

Everything takes on a more elegant and evolved form.

I have chosen for you some of these ethnic proposals interpreted in this key so that design and elegance are always protagonists within the walls of our house.

Ethnic metal chandeliers

They are my favorites.

The design is swirling and very soft, the chiseling is really the Moroccan one.

The whole remains essential and clean. The effect in the dark is romantic and evocative. The atmosphere created by the small holes is surprising.

Ethnic chandeliers with hanging elements

The pendants of the ethnic “chandeliers” are of various types, depending on their origin.

I do not want to offer solutions emblazoned with glass components seen and magazines.

Today I bring to your attention ethnic chandeliers with stone pendants.

The “pearls” of rock, finely worked and kept hollow, take harmonious and balanced lines.

This type of chandelier, despite being ethnic, is suitable for more varied settings due to their clean lines and neutral colors.

Chandeliers in ethnic style with glass mosaic

The colored glass mosaic, perhaps hand-painted, remains one of the most beautiful versions of chandeliers in ethnic style.

I like them a lot, especially for the reflections and the beauty of its light projected into the environment.

Ethnic bamboo chandelier

A refined and particularly inviting version of an ethnic chandelier is the one created with woven bamboo.

There are particularly captivating interpretations with weaves that let the light filter at more or less regular intervals.

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