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How to renew open spaces? Here are ten types of garden lounges to choose from!

Today on the furnishing and interior design Fillyourhomewithlove blog, we talk about open spaces, gardens, sun, and spring!

I’m sure the milder temperatures have set your eyes on your garden, and maybe some of you are starting to think about how to renovate it.

Among your readers, there will also be those who begin to furnish their own open space, and this article will be useful to both.

Whether you start from scratch or decide to give your green space a new lease of life, this article will help you.

It offers a comprehensive overview of the various types of trendy garden lounges, and I am sure that some of you can draw exciting and original ideas to apply to your home.

1. Wooden garden lounges

Wood is always a great classic, and, beyond beauty, it is the tactile sensation that it gives and its warmth that still makes it the right choice.

2. Wicker garden lounges

Even the wicker is a very used material, but with a timeless appeal.

3. Boho style garden lounges

A beautiful boho-style garden lounge, which blends the sixties and unique elements, gives your garden an exotic and non-conformist note.

4. Garden furniture in hygge style

The hinge style is pure comfort, and the sweetness of this mood can also be reproduced in the garden lounge.

5. Stone garden lounges

Many stone proposals make your out-door sessions much sought after.

6. Corner garden lounges

The corner structure is the easiest and most suitable way to have a pleasant and neatly arranged living room in the garden.

7. Circle garden lounges

A trend of great depth: a circular garden lounge, with essential and pure lines, and a focal point in the center. Poetry is served!

8. Geometric garden lounges

Clear, regular, and contemporary lines give a living room in the garden a great appeal. It is a garden to be experienced but also to be enjoyed with the eyes.

9. Shabby garden lounges

The shabby chic style can express itself to the fullest even in the garden. Indeed, among flowers and plants, it manages to give its best.

10. DIY garden lounges

There are so many ways to create a living room in the garden with do-it-yourself techniques.

Paying attention to the details, we guarantee an excellent result for your garden.

Which of these ten proposals do you like best? I am fascinated by the boho style, free and informal.

And which do you prefer?


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