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Wood, metal, and rough finishes.

These are some of the fundamental components capable of giving life to a splendid kitchen in full industrial style.

Born in New York in the eighties as a reconversion of old abandoned industrial buildings, industrial design has become in recent years a real trend that has also infected the environment of family sharing par excellence, the kitchen.

There are now many companies that offer combinations designed specifically for those who love rough materials and a slightly lived air.

Usually, the industrial style kitchen prefers open spaces and is often connected to the living room, avoiding barriers and doors.

It also provides a central area, like an island, in which to place a possible breakfast table or a practical pantry.

If you are looking for advice and useful tips for furnishing your food preparation area, following the tips in the next paragraphs.

They can guide you in choosing your industrial kitchen!

The materials to be used in an industrial style kitchen

One of the features that immediately catches the eye when looking at industrial kitchens is definitely the materials.

Their combinations are the most varied: a real mix of essences and colors.

But one thing is certain: wood and metal are its absolute protagonists.

Your preferences will define the balance.

If you are looking for a warm and welcoming kitchen, prefer the use of wood, perhaps in two colors.

If, on the other hand, your idea is to create a space in which to enhance the shades of gray then opt for important use of iron, steel and tin, available both shiny but also oxidized and brushed.

They can be used to make wall units, storage units, floors, and tables.

Remember to take care of the surfaces of the walls to get a perfect final result!

You could imagine them with exposed bricks that are very reminiscent of New York lofts or can be covered with resins treated with material effects.

Colors to use in an industrial style kitchen

To get an idea of ​​the range of colors to be used to furnish the industrial kitchen, it is good to imagine an old factory and its flavor of ancient artifacts and scrap metal.

The colors certainly include black, metallic colors (such as gray, copper, and bronze) and all the variations of wood color, ideal if you want to warm the environment.

Black, in particular, is linked above all to the possibility of furnishing the room with a blackboard finish, used to make walls or small strips that can become a handy note to pin down recipes and appointments.

The gray declined in darker shades, goes well with iron and steel which, being neutral, can be combined with other finishes.

This style does not include the use of bright or very bright shades.

You can use, however, some accessory or refined accessory that will give some color accent.

Rust, for example, is one of the trend colors of recent times: rough at the right point with reddish shades.

Industrial style kitchen: furnishing accessories that cannot be missed

As always, the choice of furnishings and accessories will also play an important role in the composition of your industrial-style dream kitchen.

This style is generally inserted in an open space of discrete dimensions so the available space will allow being able to play with the accessories. We could draw up a list in which I would certainly put the carts with wheels, comfortable and original, open shelves, filled with recipe books or used as a pantry and sought after vintage items, may be found in some flea market.

Don’t forget that all that is recovered is absolutely in line with this style.

Ancient mechanisms of watches, lamps, wires, and signs will complete the whole thing.

It will characterize your environment and make it unique, like the pieces you have inserted!

So have fun visiting fairs and buying special items.

Even the pipes of hoods or systems, for example, will become part of the furniture if left visible.

The urban charm of industrial kitchens has something magnetic and very fascinating.

The fulcrum of this environment is also the table for eating meals that can be placed inside it, if the dimensions allow it, or separate it with a beautiful stained glass window with iron profiles.

It would be interesting to find a particular table, perhaps deriving from an industrial recovery and that preserves unique characteristics, such as trestles or machinery gears.

The top can be in the wood of various thicknesses or in glass, perhaps with practical wheels that allow it to be moved.

You could then combine metal seats or original stools, perhaps with some color accent.

One of the latest trends is to group chairs with a completely different design around each other or to place the same model but with different colors.

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