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It is the place that is lived for most of the day, and besides being functional, it must be above all comfortable and relaxing.

It is good to understand, also, which style best represents us, what really makes us feel at home.

Perhaps for many, the modern style, made of clear and minimal lines, may seem at first sight cold and not very hospitable.

Nothing could be more wrong!

In the following paragraphs, I will explain how to furnish it and create a pleasant atmosphere with the right combinations of colors and furnishing accessories.

The first thing absolutely necessary to start modernizing your living room is to take the exact measurements of the room.

This is essential to understand the bulk of furniture and accessories and to evaluate possible routes.

Inserting, for example, a huge sofa compared to the available space, will become a problem not just for the design of the remaining living room.

How to position the furniture in a modern living room?

The first step in building the living room is to understand “where I put what” .

As long as we see, in the largest furniture factories, stands recreated with hypothetical living rooms, it all seems very easy and perfectly reproducible.

Every space has its geometries and not always what we see can work anywhere.

Imagine, first of all, a functional division: relaxation area, small reading corner and study area, for example.

This will allow you to create macro areas and identify their limits.

Then move on to the furnishing structure: start with the sofa and the rug, which will extend to cover the area around it.

Consider, therefore, the TV area and any wall equipped with open doors, for books and photo albums, and furniture with hinged doors closed.

If the dimensions allow it, also design a reading area, perhaps next to a beautiful fireplace, where the protagonist could be a refined armchair. The modern style includes strong lines and simple and refined design.

The latest trend is also to include small retro hints, with vintage or industrial pieces.

Colors and shades for a modern living room

The color combinations are essential to give shape to the living room in a modern style.

Their characteristic can enhance the outlines of furnishings and accessories or conceal their shapes.

Provide a unique color for the furniture structure in order to obtain a uniform image for the entire living area.

It can be varied, then, in some points with accents of color, patterns, and original decorations that will break the continuity.

Absolutely avoid monochrome.

If you like gray, don’t think about making an entire living room of the same shade.

The risk is to get a boring and flat image!

Instead experiment with combinations with different shades and light and dark shades, introducing, for example, a fun geometric texture that will follow the minimal lines of the furniture.

Even the walls can take on specific importance.

You can choose whether to leave them completely white, in the case of small sizes, to paint them with a coordinating color or to cover them with splendid wallpapers.

Furnishing accessories in a modern living room

After dedicating yourself to building the living room skeleton, you can move on to the fun part: the choice of furnishing accessories and decorations.

They are fundamental elements to enrich furniture and small spaces of the result, do not underestimate its potential.

By inserting or removing complements, your stay can completely change the appearance.

If you have small dimensions, I would definitely recommend playing with mirrors that reflect light and give life to optical light effects of depth.

If, on the other hand, you have a spacious living area, then you can indulge yourself by inserting vases of different sizes, small ornaments, and beautiful poufs that can fill dead corners.

Also, consider the idea of ​​inserting objects from your travels and a beautiful wall with a composition of paintings and frames that can become one of the focal points of the environment.

Do not neglect the sofa which, if you like, can be embellished with cushions with eclectic pillowcases and a nice table with storage shelves.

Harmony is the watchword.

Even in the living room, it is necessary to create a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere.

Furniture, lighting, and furnishing accessories must blend perfectly, and when the spaces are very small or very large, it is not easy. Carefully calibrate furnishings and objects to proportion each piece and create the right balance.

Try to experience what makes you feel most at home, without obviously falling into kitsch.

Get inspired by photos and images or ask for advice on interior design.

In recent times the mix of styles is certainly one of the most popular directions, as is the introduction of highly hi-tech elements. For the lovers of technology, in fact, the modern living room is ideal because it often provides facilities designed to accommodate the technological equipment and elegant audio design elements.

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