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If you love searching for home decor objects and small furnishing accessories with minimal lines, here is what suits you.

Today I bring you with me to discover the world of Ventis and Present Time, one of the many brands that you find at is e-commerce that houses numerous offers related to the home, food and wine, fashion, and much more. Browsing among the many suggestions in progress, you can select various products, which can be purchased at an affordable price for a limited period.

Here on Fillyourhomewithlove, we dedicate ourselves to one of the ongoing offers concerning the Present Time brand.

I have selected for you some home-style objects in a minimal style that lend themselves very well to being contextualized in a modern, contemporary but also industrial style location.

Minimal furniture perfect for embellishing the kitchen

Let’s start from the kitchen, in particular from dish drainer and fruit baskets.

The dish drainer is a handy object in the kitchen but sometimes not very helpful to the eye.

Present Time offers a refined and chic version, available in shades of matte black, copper or gold plated in the L36.5 x H29.5 x P23.5 cm version.

It’s an elegant way to leave dishes and glasses on sight.

By arranging them in this way, besides being functional, it furnishes the kitchen.

Have fun combining fruit baskets and ceramic vases, strictly matching the dish drainer.

Chandeliers and minimal furniture to decorate the walls of the dining room

What makes the dining area unique? In addition to the table and cupboards, the home decor objects we choose to embellish it.

Examples are the chairs, chandeliers, paintings, and other objects hanging on the walls that you see in the photo to come.

They are part of the selection of Present Time products that you can buy on Ventis, which you can quickly obtain with just a few clicks. Look at how the metal-effect chairs give an industrial touch, marrying perfectly with the floor and the color of the walls!

Living area: how to furnish it at its best with minimal accessories

Mirrors on the walls, clocks, and shelves contribute to making this minimum furniture special.

The TV cabinet, made of wood with white doors, makes the environment even warmer and more elegant.

Also note the coffee table with integrated magazine rack, always useful in the living area.

The shelf you see hanging on the wall is perfect not only for the living room but also for the double bedroom or the children’s bedroom.

Thanks to its three wooden shelves, it lends itself well to accommodate books or toys of all kinds.

Living room: how to furnish it with velvet sofas and armchairs

For those who like to combine minimal furniture with more important furnishing accessories, here is a proposal of stay that can do for you.

Recreating an environment dominated by more colors or materials is not easy.

It is essential to maintain a certain decorum so as not to distort the house and the dominant style.

In the case of the living room you see ahead, the tables with minimal lines have been combined with armchairs and sofas in a more classic style, embellished with velvet upholstery.

This material makes valuable every compliment that covers and gives the environment in which an incredible touch of elegance is inserted. To make it even more special, we think about the cushions and the carpet, chosen strictly in color.

Wall clock and illuminating floor lamps make this living area even warmer and more welcoming.

Home study area: how to embellish it with minimal furnishings

Recreating a study area in the home is not easy, mainly if this space must be obtained in the living room.

In this case, it will not merely be a matter of adding a mere worktop, but it will be a must to furnish and decorate the environment in line with the living area.

Space then for storage and shelves to hang on the walls, which will not only decorate the room, but will be useful for storing everything you need to work. Table lamps and floor lamps

cannot be missing, which will make the room well lit but at the same Time elegant.

As you can see, nothing must be left to chance.

If you love a minimal but at the same Time refined furniture, that mixes well with a classic but also industrial or contemporary style, the products of Present Time are what you are looking for!

Take a look at and take advantage of the current promotion.

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