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Today I share with you an article full of news and curiosity. Let’s talk about kitchens, and I want to tell you some interesting details about the history of modular kitchens.

Modular kitchens: how many curiosities

Do you know which is the first Italian modular kitchen?

It’s called E5, it was born in 1966 and is a modular system designed for the Elam company by a famous designer of our country: Marco Zanuso.

The realization of a livable environment that grants color and aesthetic value to the kitchen area is an authentic revolution in the world of design and industrial products.

Before then, the kitchen was simply the place where food was prepared, without so many aesthetic concerns, functional or linked to mass reproducibility.

The most astonishing consideration regards the great topicality of this product: since then, in 1966, the same kitchen model is still in production.

The E5 has the appearance of a unique piece of furniture. However, it is the result of a modular system made to measure.

It perfectly aligns with modern aesthetic standards.

One of its salient features, in fact, is the stainless steel top with the washbasins in continuity, the absence of handles and the concave ergonomic grip that allowed (and allows even now) to open the doors mechanically.

The E5 kitchen has even been exhibited on the occasion of the “Le Fabbriche di sogni” exhibition at the Triennale Design Museum in Milan.

News that honors the revolutionary and innovative character of this project alive, well and still beautiful today.

Modular kitchens: the evolutions

Since 1966 the world of cooking has evolved a lot. And yet, lines and features that belong to the historic E5 return and seem truly timeless.

Linear volumes, well-designed interiors aimed at diligently containing the material needed for cooking and eating: it seems that Marco Zanuso anticipated extremely current trends that may never decline.

Modular kitchen with “Elle”

The most numerous modular kitchens often have an “Elle” shape.

You can play with the differentiated style between the upper and lower apparatus, as in this photo.

The wall units have a color in contrast with the white lacquer of drawers and lower shelves.

Modular U-shaped kitchen

Another type of kitchen that is very frequent is the U-shaped model.

It is a real shortcut to optimize spaces and compose modules in the most performing way possible.

Modular kitchens with sophisticated design

We cannot conclude an article that talks about modular kitchens without mentioning some virtuosities that have renewed shapes and lines.

Below are two examples from the exceptional concept, which combines the freshest and most vigorous innovation with the most solid tradition born, in fact, way back in 1966.

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