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In recent years there have been numerous e-commerce businesses that have radically replaced physical stores, and the way to buy home furnishings has fundamentally changed.

This evolution has also touched the world of bathroom furnishings. There are online sales platforms that not only host a variety of bathroom furnishing products such as sanitary ware, sinks, showers, tiles, and much more but also provide personalized services.

Acquaclick, a new way to furnish your bathroom with a simple click

Acquaclick is an e-commerce company specialized in bathroom furnishings and is perfect for all those who want to have fun decorating this room in the home from the comfort of their sofa.

This online shop was created to satisfy every need of the end customer, offering numerous brands of world importance and their infinite products, perfect for every type of home.

In addition to the products that you can see in the various categories, numerous services are available to the customer:

  • possibility to request a custom quote or custom design of bathroom furniture
  • The expedition to 48h for those who buy the products available in stock
  • the active chat in continuous time for any question about products for sale or additional services.

Among the numerous brands on Acquaclick, you can also find Pozzi & Ginori.

Pozzi Ginori: the history of a historic brand

Pozzi Ginori is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of quality sanitary ware. Since 2017 it is part of the Geberit Group. Numerous hygienic and bathroom furniture series has been put on the market in recent years and marketed throughout Europe.

Many of these have been designed by world-renowned designers such as Antonio Citterio, Matteo Thun, and Le Corbusier, who have remained impressed in the history of design about bathroom furnishings.

But let’s see in detail some of the furnishings available on Acquaclick, rigorously signed Pozzi Ginori.

Pozzi Ginori suspended sanitary ware from the 500 collection

The wall-hung always have a unique charm.

Non-contact with the floor makes the lines much lighter and in harmony with the environment.

Also, from a practical point of view, they make a difference.

They are easier to clean and disinfect, both in the toilet and in the bidet area.

Pozzi Ginori design washbasins

Browsing the various Pozzi Ginori products for sale on Acquaclick, you will find restrooms and washbasins from the Montebianco line.

The Montebianco collection was born in 1940 and is immediately a great success.

Over the years, it has become one of the most loved by customers because, thanks to its lines, it is always defined as current and fashionable. It is a collection that can easily be interpreted as classic but with modern lines, perfect for any living environment.

Pozzi Ginori bathroom furniture and fixtures from the Citterio collection

Suspended washbasins and fixtures made of white ceramic Pozzi and Ginori embellish this bathroom covered with beige porcelain stoneware tiles and lamps and bathroom accessories in shades of black.

Rounded lines and suspended sanitary fittings characterize this collection that soon becomes a favorite of Pozzi Ginori customers.

They lend themselves to being installed in small bathrooms and not only.

They are also perfect for bathroom areas in public places, for example.

Combined with taps with defined lines, they complete the whole, giving elegance to your future bathroom.

Fast by Pozzi Ginori line

The Fast line combines the purity of lines and shapes with a rather wide range of solutions offered by the brand. The essential lines and soft shapes make it possible to furnish the bathroom area with versatility.

Do not underestimate the high quality of the Pozzi Ginori ceramics that ensures the maintenance of the ceramic shine over time. It is possible to combine these sinks and bathroom fixtures with furniture in glossy white finish and mirrors with fluorescent lighting, as you can see in the picture.

Bathroom furniture by Pozzi Ginori

As for bathroom furniture, Pozzi Ginori offers a variety of solutions.

In the photos to come, you can see how, combining washbasins, cabinets, and mirrors, numerous design furnishing solutions come to life for the bathroom area. It is possible to range between different colors and geometries that make each composition special.

Inside the furniture can be accessorized to your liking.

As you can see in the picture to come, even the doors internally become practical containers for storing bottles, brushes, creams, and everything you need in the bathroom.

For those who wish, it is also possible to add mirrors and other accessories.

For those who do not like closed furniture, Pozzi Ginori also proposes these shelves with visible containers, useful for storing sheets, towels, and creams.

Shower trays proposed by Pozzi Ginori

In the future, you can see some of the Pozzi Ginori shower trays characterized by different shapes and thicknesses.

It is possible to choose from the different sizes available on the Acquaclick website.

The bathroom area has gained in importance over the years.

Once it had a mere service function. Today it has acquired a substantial impact on home furnishings.

A bathroom is an intimate place where time is spent on oneself.

We take care of our personal and therefore must be designed functionally, while maintaining the concept of design and beauty of the furnishings.


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