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The topic we face today is about the kitchen: it is an element that is always renewed and needs to be constantly examined.

Let’s talk about tops for special and beautiful kitchens, each with well-defined characteristics.

The top of the kitchen is the element that is always before your eyes as you cook.

It is the component with which you are most in contact, what you touch several times during the day and where your food is prepared.

This is why most futuristic designers and architects invest time and resources in order to develop tops for increasingly beautiful, resistant, and hygienic kitchens.

In fact, these are the three pillars on levering to choose whether or not a material or a color.

But what if a kitchen top also solved space problems? Are you multiplying the possibilities of living in smaller kitchens with many more options?

The design of spaces is always in evolution, and alongside increasingly resistant and practical materials we also find this type of elaboration, devoted to the amplification of space,

I wanted to tell you about top for kitchens because I saw three of them that caught my attention, and which, in my opinion, deserve to be told.

Top for glass kitchens

Glass is a ductile material par excellence and manages to express itself with color, shape, brightness, and much more.

If you want a kitchen that amazes and brightens your day, a glass top is the one for you.

The only advice I can give is that not all glasses are the same.

Make sure that the glass in your kitchen is laminated and tempered.

This last adjective refers to a heat treatment which, through a very abrupt cooling, gives the glass strength and resistance characteristics that make it more suitable for use in the kitchen. Furthermore, if it breaks, it would break into smooth, non-cutting pieces and is therefore safer.

I was very impressed by the backlight option that I find very elegant.

Stone top

Stone is another extremely fascinating material that embodies practicality, beauty, and strength.

Whether it’s called perlite, quartzite, or all the names that span the laminated stoneware family, we can count on resistance to heat, bacteria, and scratches.

Go ahead also to place hot pots and dishes: the stone, whether natural or sintered, is resistant to high temperatures.

Sliding and removable tops to save space

It is pleasant to see that technology is always on the side of liveability and the sharing of precious moments of everyday life.

There are precious space solutions proposed by the design of kitchens tops with extractable or sliding systems.

So here are three types of tops that have stunned me!

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