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How to beautify the bathroom: practical and stylish ideas!

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Discover our ideas to decorate your bathroom with elegance and without spending a fortune. All the advice you were looking for, from furniture to decorations!

The bathroom is a corner often underestimated when it comes to furniture and interior design, a small room and considered as marginal. Well, in our opinion there is nothing false!

To beautify the bathroom means first of all to make more welcoming an environment dedicated to our intimacy and moments of relaxation and well-being. And this is true even if you are not lucky enough to own a bathtub to enjoy a relaxing bath to end the day.

Not only: the bathroom must also amaze the guests. In short, even if it is a small room the bathroom should not be underestimated at all and should be prepared with the utmost care. At you can get more helpful tips and choose toilet that will fir in your bathroom!

To help you choose accessories and decorations for your bathroom we decided to give you this small collection of ideas to beautify the bathroom! But before offering you some trendy ideas, let’s see together the essential rules to keep in mind.

How to beautify your bathroom with care? Here are the basic rules
Before you start designing your dream bathroom by choosing objects, decorations and decorations, let’s say right now that to beautify your bathroom you should take into account at least three aspects.

Enhance the bathroom walls with decorations and wall units

The bathroom is (very often) a small room. That’s why using the walls is essential to decorate this corner of the house: hooks to hang towels, wall cabinets and shelves can replace traditional furniture and save space without losing sight of the style. And that’s not all: shelves can also become surfaces to be used to arrange objects to decorate the bathroom or small accessories.

To make the bathroom wall more beautiful you can really have fun: bathroom pictures, plates, mirrors, decorated tiles…and your dream bathroom is served!

Elegance and functionality: optimize the space to beautify the bathroom!

Using the walls to beautify the bathroom does not involve any kind of sacrifice in terms of furniture. If your toilet is small, you can furnish it with the tall, narrow cabinets in our online store.

Column cabinets are the perfect space-saving solution for the bathroom because they take advantage of the vertical space without cluttering up the walk-in area. The perfect compromise between elegance and practicality to beautify the bathroom!

Do you want to make your bathroom more beautiful? Watch out for style!

To finish, decorating the bathroom also means furnishing a room that is perfectly consistent with the style of the rest of the house. Choose furniture and decorative elements suitable for the atmosphere you want to recreate even in the bathroom!

Add color and softness in the bathroom with a pouf!

Why choose a pouf container to beautify the bathroom? Well, first of all because it is a colorful, space-saving accessory that you can use in many different ways!

There are many laundry containers of different shapes, sizes and materials, but a pouf is an original solution that will make your bathroom even more personal. It will add a note of color, when you don’t use it you can fold it on itself and put it in a closet and it will turn into a real decorative element for your bathroom.

In our online store you will find many poufs of different colors and materials, essential accessories also in the bathroom because they will allow you to collect dirty clothes and linen for the laundry area, but you can also use them as a comfortable seat for changing clothes. A pouf container for bathroom is a smart and colorful addition to decorate a dream toilet!

The magic of candles to beautify the bathroom

Candlelight is pure magic, and this is also (or especially) true in a room dedicated to intimacy such as a toilet.

Choose lanterns and candle holders to beautify your bathroom and create a relaxing spa atmosphere. Have small lanterns on the windowsill, or above the cabinets, or surround the bathtub with small candles for maximum relaxation!

A little tip: the scented candles will help you to make your bathroom even more welcoming, a simple but ingenious solution to counteract bad smells and to make your toilet a real oasis of pleasure.

The green touch: decorate your bathroom with plants

Plants can liven up all the rooms of the house in an instant, and a touch of green is also essential to decorate the toilet and turn it into a cozy room for you and your guests. Ah, and don’t forget that flowers and plants are also a great idea to beautify an old bathroom without upsetting the furniture!

Plants are natural purifiers and clean the air of bad odours, which is no small advantage, especially if you have a windowless or small bathroom. Ornamental bath plants or a composition of fresh flowers should never be missing in a toilet because they can make the toilet more beautiful in an instant and also have a beneficial effect on our mood!

A few ideas to embellish the bathroom with creative DIY

If you love découpage and creative recycling, you can have fun creating your own bathroom decoration and really embellish it with little. Here are some very simple ideas for you to realize but always great effect!

Use the wooden boxes as wall units or rustic containers

If you follow us you should already know: wooden boxes are versatile elements that you can reuse in many different ways, turning them into furnishing accessories or decorative elements for the whole house.

In the bathroom you can use them instead of shelves or use them as original containers for soaps, accessories or for your towels. Have fun repainting or decorating them, or leave them “natural” with all their imperfections if you love rustic atmospheres!

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Circular saw – a reliable assistant

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The best assistant when performing work related to sawing various materials such as wood, plexiglass, laminate, plastic, slate, metals is a circular saw. To do this, you just need to install the necessary cutting tool and set the appropriate operating mode on the equipment. How choose the track saw or table saw?

The circular saw appeared at the beginning of the last century and remains in demand to this day. Its advantages: it provides a straight cut line, make a cross-cut, and can work with a wide variety of materials.

Circular saws are hand-held and stationary. When choosing them, it is also necessary to consider what kind of work will be performed by this equipment and in what volume. Electric (circular) saws, assembly (cutting) for metal, cordless, submersible are very popular.

Which circular saw is better? The answer to this question is simple – each of them has its own purpose, so the comparison in this case will not be entirely appropriate:

  • circular and cordless saws perform the same function. They differ in different power sources. For the operation of an electric saw, electricity is needed, and for a battery one, a powerful element. These circular saws are designed to work with wood, soft metals, laminate, plexiglass, plastic;
  • cut-off saws are a type of electric circular saws and are designed for cutting metals: iron rods, profiles, pipes, corners. They refer to permanently installed equipment, which is a great advantage since it frees the hands of the master for comfortable operation;
  • plunge-cut circular saws are also electrical equipment. Their features are the ability to plunge into the material not only from the end but in any place necessary for sawing and the ability to adjust the plunge depth.

Choosing a circular (circular) saw

What do you need to know to choose the best circular saw? It is necessary to start with an understanding of what kind of equipment is needed (stationary or manual), to work with what materials (metals or non-metals) and in what volumes (one-time work or professional activity), as well as the possibility of access to an electric point (battery equipment or electrical) …

Next, pay attention to the technical characteristics of the equipment. Here are the main ones:

  • electric motor power. Its high value allows cutting materials of different hardness but contributes to an increase in the weight and cost of equipment. In order for the circular saw to serve as long as possible, it must be chosen with a power reserve;
  • rotational speed. For household work, it will be enough to purchase a single-speed electric tool. For professional activities, it will be better if this characteristic turns out to be adjustable because this is necessary for setting up equipment when working with various materials;
  • characteristics of the saw itself. Here the following factors play a role: the type of material being processed, the value of the maximum infeed depth, the size and shape of the teeth, and the angle of their sharpening. All the necessary information is indicated in the markings on the saw itself. This is, as a rule, the diameter of the saw itself, the number of teeth, the diameter of the shaft that turns the disc, and additional information: the material being processed, the thickness of the cut, the maximum value of the number of revolutions per minute.

Where to buy the tool

the online store offers at your choice the best models of such equipment as an electric saw (circular, band, miter, etc.), a chainsaw, cordless saws (circular, jigsaw cutting, etc.), electric hacks, and Not only.

Choose and order the necessary equipment on yourself or with the help of our managers. This is easy to do with a convenient filter system. All technical characteristics and descriptions of the product you like can be read by going to its page.

If necessary, our managers will be able to give free consultation on the product you are interested in or will assist in choosing and ordering the necessary product over the phone. 

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