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I’m talking about an exceptional place: the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai!

A fantastic hotel with only nineteen rooms.

An enchanting place for its position and for the interpretation of the spaces, which respect the original lines of the magnificent building that was in the thirties.

Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai: interpretation of a building used as an industry in the 1930s

The Waterhouse is the result of a perfect elaboration of a structure which, on the outside, has remained such.

The large in-door environments, on the other hand, have become nineteen rooms, a restaurant with French cuisine, a vast meeting room, and a rooftop bar.

The architects and designers of the Neri & Hu studio, one of the most renowned and vital in China, have tried to interpret the interior space in a functional and aesthetically convincing way.

The architects themselves called it a “huge concrete shell with a dozen stairs that led nowhere.”

Now it is an example of balance, of delicate enhancement of the original characteristics of the building, with stylistic tricks of extreme beauty.

The least common denominator of the furnishing of the rooms, although they are all different in size, design elements and position, is composed of oak floors and beds, concrete and glass bathrooms with colored reflection and white wall cabinets.

Where the ancient fabric of the building appears, on the walls, mirrors and metal pegs have been integrated, trying to keep the characteristics unaltered.

The exterior of the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai is intentionally kept as intact as possible

Inside the Neri & Hu design studio has elaborated the spaces with imagination, inserting bridges and choreographic platforms in the rooms.

The exterior, on the other hand, has intentionally remained identical to what it was.

The minimalist cleanliness of the door is pleasantly in contrast with the exterior. Entering such a place causes slight disorientation which, in my opinion, is the tastiest interpretation of this jewel on the Huangpu River.

The location: another plus of the Waterhouse boutique hotel in Shanghai

In addition to the beauty and modernity of the furnishings of this boutique hotel, we must point out another important feature in its favor: its location.

The hotel is located close to the river, with all the charm that the view of the Huangpu water mirror grants.

On the other side, the panorama turns on a section of ancient Shanghai, the Pudong skyline, which represents most of the characteristics and low architectural heritage of the city.

Restaurant, roof-bar, meeting room, irresistible furnishing details: traveling becomes an experience and, as architects and designers Neri & Hu say, a stay in this hotel turns into ” a conceptual fusion between ancient and contemporary.”

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