with the value of 14. Get the selected value of dropdown list using JavaScript. In Leviticus 25:29-30 what is the difference between the dwellings in verses 29,30 compared to the dwellings in verse 31? 5. JavaScript – How to recover the value of a selected option in a dropdown list Keeping in mind what we stated above, we know that we can recover the index, the value or … If the drop-down list allows multiple selections, the first selected option is returned. Method 1: Using the value property: The value of the selected element can be found by using the value property on the select element that defines the list. This blog describe how to Get Dropdown selected Value using JavaScript. Following is the function for JavaScript that will return the selected value or text from the dropdown list:

set selected value of dropdown in javascript

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RE: Set value of Drop down kaht (Programmer) 15 Aug 06 15:08 This will set the set the value to 3, if the value of 3 doesn't exist in the dropdown it won't do anything. When user clicks on Supplying Location, the value that has been set earlier is not being selected and user will have to select on it again. In this article, we are going to learn how to set selected value of dropdown in JavaScript for dynamic dropdown selection on HTML webpage. Is there any way I can get the label instead? var myDropDown = document.getElementById ( “ddlSubject” ); var selVal = document.getElementById ( “txtValue” ).value; EDIT3: Just decided to make both lists value lists instead. Return Value: A String, representing the value of the value attribute of an as a valueToSelect. Your email address will not be published. 1) Click a button which defines select option 54. To add a drop-down list dynamically, you would need to create the HTML